2011 New Year Business Goals

You can learn about what makes a technology market tick by following an expert who lives and breathes it every day.

One such person is Peter Radizeski, who is on my ‘Twitter Top 50’.

What I liked right from the start about Peter’s style is how the value he brings customers in his niche market is stated very clearly.

Take a look at his blog’s ‘About Me’ section (he has several blogs, serving different market needs) and notice how it actually isn’t about HIM – it’s all about YOU…

“Peter Radizeski, Tampa, Florida, United States:
As an NSP Strategist since 2000, I help my clients – ISP’s, CLECs, Hosting and VoIP companies – not just survive, but thrive in the marketplace with sales, marketing, messaging and strategy assists.”

(Source: Peter Radizeski, http://radinfo.blogspot.com)

And as the technical marcom needs of Network Service Provider (NSP) participants interest me too, not only in the US, but also here in the Asia-Pacific, this timely post caught my attention:

NSP Strategist: 5 Wishes for 2011

If you click over to read it you can see what Peter’s wishing for… and then check out mine in the post’s comments.

And with this post I will sign off for 2010 and wish my readers, prospects and customers all the very best for 2011.

– Mark McClure

(The first of those planned 150+ posts will appear after I’ve had a few days rest for Japanese New Year’s celebrations.)

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